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Fighting the Future (Simm!Master x Reader) Part 1
As you were walking down the street, you heard a very familiar sound. That of someone scraping a key across piano strings. The sound of the TARDIS. You stopped in your tracks and looked around. Either nobody else noticed it or nobody else cared, because they all just went about their day as if nothing was happening. Maybe you were just imagining it.
You'd pushed the thought aside and continued walking when you saw a man you knew just as well as the sound. But it wasn't the Doctor. Any version of him. It was the Master. The sixth version of the Master to appear on-screen. The version played by John Simm. You would have thought it was the actor and not the character, but for some reason you just believed it was really the Master. Only a small part of that was the fact he was wearing the same clothes Derek Jacobi wore when he played the role briefly.
You started walking towards him, and he looked at you. He raised an eyebrow. “Hello, Master,” you said when you got close enough
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Ice (Simm!Master x Reader)
There was a loud crash as the ice cube trays fell out of the freezer, despite your attempt to catch them. Luckily, most of them were empty, but there was enough ice in them to scatter across the kitchen floor. You sighed and bent down to pick up the trays when your roommate – a guy called the Master – came out of his bedroom. He was wearing what he usually wore: black jeans, a black hoodie, a red shirt, and black shoes. He had blond hair, a bit of stubble, and whiskey brown eyes.
“What was that?” he asked. It had been almost two years, but he talked so little that you still weren't used to his English accent.
“Sorry, that was me. I just dropped the ice trays,” you apologized.
“Let me help,” he walked over to you and picked up the trays while you picked up the scattered ice cubes.
You dropped the ice in the sink, “Thanks.”
“No problem. Want me to refill them?” he offered.
“No, I can do that. Thanks, though.
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Lucy Saxon
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I am, obviously, not Lucy Saxon. I just have an unhealthy obsession with both John Simm and Doctor Who, and Lucy is part of the episodes where they combine with John as the Master. This is not my main account, but it is where I'll be posting some random stories.

I happen to think my work is awful, but I'm posting it anyway in case someone somewhere actually likes it. If you've got any suggestions for improvement, I'd love to hear them.


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